Electric Bowery designs for a life well-lived.

Electric Bowery was founded in Venice, California, in 2013. Over the years we’ve worked with entrepreneurs, families, and creatives coast to coast. As we’ve been designing, we’ve also been listening and learning. We’ve grown to understand how the world—and the way we live in it—is changing. More and more, we meet people seeking purpose over profit, with careers that fulfill them spiritually and emotionally. We see people bring their personal values into their ventures, and workplace values—communication, collaboration, culture—into their homes and social circles. We’ve witnessed the definition of “family” transform and grow into something more flexible, more inclusive, more beautiful. The lines between work, life, and pleasure are fading. Humankind is no longer willing to sacrifice one version of ourselves for another. Instead, we seek out balance and sustainability—one life, filled with purpose and well-being. These are our clients: our partners in every project, pioneers of this new way of living. They are the inspiration behind the spaces we create—spaces that help you occupy your entire self, and move seamlessly between your passions and priorities. We design for health, happiness, and making the most of our time on this earth. We design for a life well-lived.

Our Mission

To design spaces that blur the lines between work and life for a more fulfilling and unified existence.

Our Vision

Places that foster a sense of purpose and personal well-being.

Our Values

At Electric Bowery, everyone has a seat at the table—clients included. We foster an environment that welcomes all voices, and a culture that’s open and accepting of new ideas. We recognize that when we’re working with clients, we’re not just designing for them: we’re designing with them. We offer them not only our skills, but our culture, process, and thinking—and the same extends to our vendors and partners on each project. When we’re working together, we’re part of the same team.