The woman-founded and led team behind Electric Bowery, established in 2013, is a collaborative group of architects, designers, and developers led by licensed architects and Design Principals, Lucia Bartholomew and Cayley Lambur. They guide their studio by blending their individual and joint experiences in both residential and hospitality projects, their entrepreneurial business sensibilities, into a truly defined design vision. Cayley & Lucia first met while working together at Gehry Partners in Los Angeles, and then went on to found Electric Bowery. In its beginnings the studio developed its portfolio through residential development, with the pivotal concept that good design holds value. Electric Bowery believes successful design projects should be both approachable and inspiring – there is no ‘one size fits all’. We are listeners, thinkers, and creators. We believe in site specificity, celebrating the landscape, collaborating with local trades, and we always put the utmost value on collaborating with our clients.


Stephanie Luk
Director of Interiors

Stephanie has led the creative direction on a wide-ranging variety of hospitality, residential, and retail projects across the United States and abroad. She brings her diverse experience and conceptually driven design process to the team, with an eye for detail and thoughtful brand partnerships, that set the holistic Electric Bowery experience apart. Her distinctive approach to design stems from her multicultural experiences, her penchant for thinking outside the box and her ability to find inspiration from all of her surroundings.




Marissa Ritchen
Architectural Director

Marissa has led multidisciplinary teams on a wide array of projects throughout her architecture practice including large scale urban redevelopment, landmarked historic homes and ground up hospitality work. This diverse portfolio experience helped shape her enthusiasm to dive deeply into every project, considering each quirk and constraint to be a new opportunity. Her commitment to both teaching and learning through the design process creates a sense of joy in each phase of the work.

Daniella Gohari
Design Director

Since joining Electrical Bowery in 2014, Daniella has led the design and completion of an extensive range of projects while maintaining an emphasis on custom residential homes. With her broad experience in architecture and construction as well as her faculty for interior design, her strength lay in her role as an interdisciplinary thinker, bridging the Architectural and Interior divisions of the studio to collaborate holistically from inception to completion. Her perspective is informed by a respect for the contextual environment and historical styles coupled with connections to nature and a play on materiality.    


  • Taylor Manley, Senior Designer
  • Kamila Silva, Senior Designer
  • Talia Landes, Designer
  • Alex Jamroz, Designer
  • Liam Mears, Designer


  • Jaimie LaMotta, Senior Designer
  • Brooke Oliver, Senior Designer
  • Maya Newlin, Designer
  • Cherry Anna Barrett, Designer


  • Yolita Dambrauskiene, Office Controller


  • Paula Lazarus, Procurement Project Manager